Cancer is for Old(er) People

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Cancer is for Old(er) People

By: Brett M. Cordes and Amy Calkins Teague, Kyle Moses


About the Book


Recounting his experience with cancer as a 19-year-old boy, Brett Cordes shares his extraordinary journey, including all of the nitty gritty details that one may not ordinarily hear when reading about others’ battles with cancer. His childhood friend, Amy Calkins Teague, discusses Brett’s journey from her perspective, as well as the experiences from her own fight against ovarian cancer. From their diagnosis to their ultimate recovery from the disease, Brett and Amy share their story- proving that cancer does not have to define you. Another of Brett’s friends, Kyle Moses, offers his own story in describing his journey through this all-too-familiar struggle with the disease. With key pieces of advice and inspirational stories, this novel helps those not only battling cancer to keep pushing forward, but those caregivers, friends and family who have loved ones who are sick.


About the Author


Brett M. Cordes is an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon in Houston, Texas. He has established a ten-year practice in and around the Texas Medical Center. After having fought cancer at the age of 19, Cordes was inspired to become a doctor. Additionally, his experiences with cancer as a friend, patient, and physician alike have led to the writing of this book. He hopes to help and inspire others fighting the same battle as well.


(2020, paperback, 274 pages)

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(1 review) Write a Review

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    Very good book

    Posted by Robbie Williams on Feb 25th 2020

    Since I knew one of the writers, Kyle Moses, it was extremely interesting to me. I was surprised to find how thoroughly involved I became with the other 2 stories. My sister is a 15-year cancer survivor at MDA. So it was spellbinding to me.