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Can I Share?

by Rebekah Israel


Can I Share? is a conversation about body safety between a parent and child. Which parts of

their body is a child allowed to share, and which parts should stay private? With this helpful book as a guide, parents can discuss these important boundaries with their child.

            While it is important that children learn at an early age what is appropriate and what is not, this book conveys what is appropriate without forcing proper terms on the child. The book labels parts “for sharing” and “not for sharing”, and parents are able to explain what the parts are, sharing proper terminology with the child when they are ready.



About the Author

Rebekah Israel is actively involved with helping build the people of her community. Her hobbies are reading, designing, and art. Rebekah is a mommy to three little ones, so they are her motivation to teach body safety.


Professionally, Rebekah has worked with children since the age of fourteen, first as a tutor. She then became a group home counselor at the age of nineteen to girls who were victims of abuse. Later, at age twenty-two, Rebekah became a group counselor at a home for boys who were perpetrators of abuse.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review