Camps Covered Secrets

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Camps Covered Secrets

by K.G. Whitaker

Thirteen-year old Jessie is enduring a daily hell living with her indifferent father and abusive stepmother and stepsiblings. Despite the lengths to which Elaine and the twins go to make her life unbearable, Jessie is able to survive and even thrive in this environment with the love and support of her friends, Mike, Calie, and the new kid at school who quickly becomes part of the team, Walter. When they cook up a plan to help Jessie escape by spending the summer with them at a remote camp, they are in for the surprise of their lives as she discovers an awesome legacy of special powers hidden deep within her. Luckily she is not alone as she learns to use her special gifts and overcome threatening obstacles thrown in her way by those who would steal her abilities and use them for their own evil purposes. With an intriguing combination of laughter, romance, friendship and supernatural adventure, K.G. Whitaker takes us on a magical journey to discover Camps Covered Secrets.


A native of Nevada, K.G. Whitaker and her husband, Christopher, have raised three children: Steven, Matthew, and Serah. In her spare time she enjoys volleyball, horseback riding, canoeing and camping.

(2004, paperback, 142 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review