Caesar Saves Christmas

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Caesar Saves Christmas
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Caesar Saves Christmas
by Les C. Newvine

Can you imagine children not receiving their Christmas presents from Santa? Well, when a winter snowstorm accident injures Santa and some of his reindeer it seems like there will be no Christmas.

When Santa sees Caesar, the polar bear, and his young granddaughter he has an idea the two of them can deliver the presents! With two replacement reindeer, the team sets off to save Christmas. Join in on their adventures and misadventures.

About the Author:

As a teacher, Les C. Newvine enjoys spreading his love for learning. He has mentored many college students who want to become teachers. In his own career, he has enjoyed working with staff, students, and parents in a variety of school districts. Teaching in Native American, inner-city, and suburban schools have blessed him with a wealth of experience. Caesar Saves Christmas was written to further encourage young children in a love of reading.

Les and his wife have four children between them, four grandchildren, and two cats. Now retired from teaching, they are both active in their community. Les spends his free time fishing, crafting, and gold panning. Above all, though , he and his wife love traveling and truly living life.

(2015, Paperback, 32 pages)