Cadmean Victory

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by Gloria Darlene Beers Cadmean Victory is the story of a womans indomitable courage and survival as she moves from a stately home in England to a Southern plantation in the New World and, through shipwreck, to an African tribe and into slavery. As she struggles to keep her mixed-race family together through Reconstruction and beyond, Rebecca never loses sight of her main objective: to control her own destiny. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Gloria Darlene Beers is a native Californian now resident in Red Bluff, California, after fifty years in Sacramento. She never completed high school I was your Safeway Express checker and not a happy one, she says. Clearly, she has more than made up for that lapse. I wanted to show the end results of greed and selfishness, and also how there is strength in unity with understanding between people of different races, Gloria Darlene Beers says about this book. Cadmean Victory certainly does show these things, and clearly. Asked about her hobbies or special interests, Gloria says, That is a big problem because I enjoy just about everything that life has to offer. (2007, paperback, 170 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review