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By the Hand of God

By: Wendi Landis-Talkington

About the Book

By the Hand of God presents the compelling and emotional story of Wendi’s journey through illness and uncertainty, coming out on the other side with the help of her faith and family. The theme of the book is survival – no matter what life throws at you don’t give up, don’t lose hope, and always have faith.

About the Author

Wendi Landis-Talkington grew up in a small town in northern Indiana with three older brothers and two hard-working parents. Together, she and her husband have six children and four grandchildren. She is a passionate person who enjoys spending time with her family and friends along with watching Notre Dame Athletics and being outdoors. She is a strong proponent of organ donation, as she learned firsthand it is truly the gift of life.

(2019, Paperback, 76 Pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review