Bridging Connections

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Bridging Connections

Bridging Connections

Lessons of life, learning and love.

By: E.K. Venhoff and Margo Smith

About the Book

There are more to bridges than meets the eye. Although they help us get from point A to point B, there are many more details and interesting facts that go into bridges. In this children’s story, Jacob must complete a school project on bridges, and his grandpa agrees to help him. As they adventure along the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana, Jacob learns about the basic types of bridges, and how they connect land to land, people to people and him to his grandpa.


About the Author

E.K. Venhoff is a speech-language pathologist who resides in Louisville, Kentucky. She enjoys history, photography and the ballet. Venhoff also likes to walk, travel, spend time with her husband, their children and grandchildren.


Margo Smith is a speech-language pathologist and specializes in working with children with written-language disorders. She has lived in Louisville, Kentucky for over 25 years with her husband, and they have two adult children. Smith likes to cook, travel, walk and read. Learn more about Margo’s books at


About the Illustrator

From illustrating, baking, photography, puppetry and more, Carolyn is undoubtedly a creator who loves to teach others how to be more creative. She was supported in this endeavor by her niece, Aubrey Messer, who provided the handwritten art for Jacob. See more of Carolyn’s creativity at


(2019, Hardcover, 44 pages)

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