Breaking the Bow

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Breaking the Bow
by Clint L. Hampton Jr.

Marriage is a matter of covenant. In todays society, this covenant is too easily taken lightly. As a result, families are directly affected and negatively impacted by society. When the marriage covenant is not upheld and tended to, a couple and their family no longer has a shield between their union and the many adversities and challenges that are present in the culture of today.

Writing from a combination of personal experience and spiritual knowledge, Clint L. Hampton Jr. has provided a variety of lessons and pointers to help strengthen and maintain the covenant of marriage. Breaking the Bow operates as both a pragmatic and spiritual guide for navigating marriage.

About the Author:

Clint L. Hampton Jr. is a man who loves God. He is the father of two beautiful children. He has the heart to serve others, motivating them to be the best possible version of themselves.

Clint enjoyed a success on the football field in both high school and college and was a member of the 1978 National Championship football team at the University of Southern California. After earning his B.S. in Public Affairs, Clint enjoyed a twelve year career in management.

Clints passion to serve and motivate led him into mentoring and coaching community youths and, now, writing. After 25 years of marriage, God has placed a mandate on him to share the importance of covenant in marriage.

(2017, Paperback, 74 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review