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By: Phillip P. Martinez

About the Book

Brandy the pit bull is no ordinary dog.  From the moment she was adopted, her owner knew she was special, though he didn’t understand just how special she was at first.  For, you see, Brandy doesn’t age like ordinary dogs: she ages like a human.  And thanks to this wonderful gift, they get to spend their entire lives together from going away to college and getting a job to getting married and starting a family, and everything in between!

About the Author

Phillip P. Martinez is a married, Christian man, an animal lover, and a member of PETA.  As an animal lover, Martinez understands that every pet owner dreads the day that they have to say goodbye to their beloved pet, which is the hardest part of being so close to something with a short lifespan. He often pondered how great it would be if pets aged like humans: you could keep your best friend for life! 

Martinez was raised by a single mom and has four sisters.  Growing up, they always had a lot of pets hamsters, fish, birds, cats, and dogs! In particular, Martinez has always been close to his dogs who would always cheer him up with their unconditional love.


(2017, Paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review