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Born to Be

By Jim Hill 

Born to a poverty-stricken Black family, Jim Hill’s memoir recounts his life as a child and his journey to break out of the ghetto. An inspiring tale of strength and resilience, Hill, now seventy-five, depicts a life of ups and downs and his passion for life leading him to success. Now seventy-five years old, Hill can say he has never worked a day in his life, and attributes that happiness to finding joy and meaning in his careers. His story is one of hope, a symbol to others in poverty that success and a better life is possible, no matter how far the odds are stacked against you.

About the Author

Jim Hill is a social action minister in his community. He works as a civil rights leader for young adults, an educator, and homeless shelter coordinator. In his family of nine, all became successful and moved out of the ghetto. He holds two master’s degrees in political science and administrative supervision. In Hill’s free time, he enjoys creating art.

(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review