Bluey the Fly Is a Bully - eBook

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Bluey the Fly Is a Bully
by Helen Schiller Brilliant

Bluey the Fly Is a Bully uses an entertaining story to teach children about compassion.

Bluey the Fly and Betty the Butterfly have very different personalities. While Betty is kind and likes to help others, Bluey is often mean and destructive. One day, after Bluey ruins a family’s picnic, he is hurt by a fly swatter. When Betty comes to his rescue, he begins to realize the value of being nice.

About the Author:

Coming from a family of seven children, Helen Schiller Brilliant grew up knowing the importance of “the golden rule.” She has worked to share her message of compassion throughout her life, particularly with her own two children and four grandchildren.

Helen lives in Queensland, Australia, with her husband Michael.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review