Blindsided: Who Saw That Coming? - eBook

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Blindsided: Who Saw That Coming?

By: Carrie L. Garrison


About the Book

Cara travels through a labyrinth of heartbreak, a web of deceit, and the road to survival and hope throughout her four different relationships. These four men have touched her life, changed her, and taught her how to be a survivor. Follow along as Cara channels resilience, faith, and pure strength to get beyond the infidelity and distrust to love herself again.

About the Author

Carrie L. Garrison is a single mom of two beautiful, grown sons: Maxmillian and Jack. The past two years of her life have presented her with unmitigated challenges and a life-changing heartbreak that made way for the best version of herself. She currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, where you can almost always find her in a gym or at the beach when she is not at her computer writing. 


(2023, ebook, 216 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review