Big Daddy's Boys

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by Wallace H. DeLoach Arley Jr. Devere is the quintessential American farm boy. Born and reared on the Circle D Ranch in southern Georgia, he romps with the carefree farm dogs; delights in driving the tractor through open fields; and finds girls less exciting than the cowboys in the Western movies. Nutured by his God-fearing family, Arley grows big and strong. At eighteen, he still loves dogs and tractors; however, his feelings about girls, specifically Olivia Cole, have changed drastically. Arley was born almost twenty years after his two brothers, Leonard, a successful lawyer, and Henry, an ordained minister. Not surprisingly, the brothers have never been close. In the midst of Big Daddys debilitating stroke, greedy government officials secretly plot to turn the Devere land into a manufacturing plant, and to reap a great profit from their illegal deed. Can Arley save the Circle D Ranch? To do so, he must trust in justice and believe in himself in order to not let his family down and become the man he can be. About the Author: A native of Valdosta, Georgia, Wallace H. DeLoach is a retired marriage and family therapist who currently operates a farm. He also plays golf and has taught courses in religion and mental health. DeLoach has masters degrees in the fields of divinity and education. He also has a doctor of ministry degree. He is married and has five children. (2001, paperback, 120 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review