Beyond the Pain - eBook

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Beyond the Pain - eBook

Beyond the Pain
by Nora Ellen Shaw Grover

This book is meant to be a self-help book for its readers. This is an autobiography of the authorÂ’s history, including her struggles as a child during an era of indifference. It is designed to serve as a mentorship to all individuals with flawed characteristics and unusual circumstances.

About the Author:

Nora Ellen Shaw Grover is a college student majoring in Psychology and Ministry while working to finalize her culinary arts degree. Her ancestors were cooks so the talent was passed down to her. She has an interest in theologian studies of Jesus Christ, since He is the author and finisher of her faith. She believes that communication with the next generation is an essential theme for them to acknowledge who they are or hope to become. She enjoys her family always, because she is without anyone, but them all.

(2017, eBook)