Between the Icebox and the Stairs

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Between the Icebox and the Stairs

by Jo DeEds / James L. Reveal

Between the Icebox and the Stairs is a coming of age story embedded in memories of a special time and place. In 1985 the authors challenged each other to record their recollections of Tuolumne County as they knew it in the 1950s, a project which eventually led to the creation of the book.

When Elizabeth Knuchen, the over-protected daughter of middle-aged parents, purchases her first horse, just two months after her fourteenth birthday, she escapes on horseback, headlong into a new-found freedom of self-reliance, belonging and responsibility within a sub-culture of summer cowboys and seasoned packers guiding tourists, fishermen, and hunters into the Emigrant Basin Wilderness.

Jerrit Trover, the District Rangers son, proud owner of real cowboy boots and a hat, is somewhat younger than Liz, and, initially, Liz is his nemesis. Their relationship gradually shifts to a companionable truce, compatibility, and eventually true friendship and a tentative exploration of something more, but is shattered by events beyond their control. What remains is their shared dream of special place in the mountains.

(2013, Hardcover, 258 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review