Becoming a Little League Mom: A Mom's Guide to Little League Baseball

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Becoming a Little League Mom: A Mom's Guide to Little League Baseball
by Deborah C. Alderink

Little league baseball is a rite of passage for so many young Americans. The smell of the field, the sound of the bat hitting the ball, and the feeling of that first homerun are memories carried in the hearts of boys and girls across the countryand in their mothers hearts, too.

Its a fun time, but an intense one, and it can be intimidating for both the players and their moms as they try to learn the ins and outs of the little league world. Deborah C. Alderink has written a guidebook for mothers entering this new phase of parenthood. With candid wit and humor, she tackles the basics of baseball and the intricacies of little league life that are rarely discussed. Its information from a mom whos been there. If you have a child who is thinking of joining a little league team, read this book before registration dayand dont go to a game without it!

About the Author

Deborah C. Alderink grew up in Michigan, where she and her husband, David, raised their two sons. She works as an industrial hygienist and has volunteered many hours to her community little league program.

(2009, paperback, 56 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review