Be the Bank: Creating and Increasing Wealth through Private Mortgage Investing

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Be the Bank
by Benjamin Michael Lyons

Almost every bank in the United States makes a large portion of their money from lending money secured by real estate. So why doesnt the individual invest in mortgages as part of his or her investment strategy?

Benjamin Michael Lyons has more than 30 years of experience in the banking, lending, and real estate industry. As a traditional banker and a private mortgage investor, Mr. Lyons and his companies has handled over 5 billion dollars worth of loans. About half of those were mortgage loans to the private or non-bank sector.

Many people are not aware that investing in mortgages is possible and some even think its too good to be true. After guiding numerous individuals through the process with returns that averaged over 12% a year, Mr. Lyons decided to open up about this sensible investment strategy.

With clear language and relatable examples, Mr. Lyons outlines how every individual can invest in mortgages and safely earn 10-20% each year. Both the seasoned investor and the newly interested will learn about the philosophy of private mortgage investment and the practical steps needed. Being the bank is not only possible its one of the soundest financial decisions you can make.

About the Author:

Benjamin Michael Lyons is a serial entrepreneur and a workaholic. He currently serves as a founder, Managing Director, and Chief Investment Officer of LYNK Capital.

Mr. Lyons has founded, built, and eventually sold several mortgage banking platforms. He was an initial investor and shareholder of a commercial bank, two mortgage banks, a banking outsource company, a title company, and a consumer finance company. Over the course of his entire career, Mr. Lyons has been an active private lender overseeing over a billion dollars in private mortgage loans.

Mr. Lyons is married with four children and lives in Florida and Maryland. After serving on the boards of several schools, he now volunteers teaching personal finance. He currently serves on the board of a private leadership and college preparatory school.

(2016, Paperback, 166 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review