Ballads That Inspire!: And Commentary - eBook

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Ballads That Inspire!: And Commentary

By: Tyrone D. Postell


About the Book

Ballads That Inspire! and Commentary is initially a book of inspirational poems designed to minister God’s grace to its readers. Each poem will also offer commentary/explanation/insight as a backdrop for each poem. This helps to enhance the individual uniqueness of each poem, as well as the book itself. This will probably be considered the first book of poems (to the author’s knowledge) that offers in-depth analysis up front concerning each poem.

About the Author

Tyrone D. Postell is a husband, married to Anekia Postell for twenty-one years! They have three wonderful children together: Tynika, Tj, and Tyra. Postell and his wife are also youth ministers at their local church Life Spring Worship Center in Bloomingdale, Georgia. Postell enjoys reading, writing, researching, typing, football, basketball, eating out, family time, traveling, exploring new places, and helping others.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review