Bahamian Culture and Factors Which Impact Upon It

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by Donald M. McCartney As a firsthand observer of the political and social history of the modern Bahamas, Donald M. McCartney delivers an interesting look at the life, political change, and coming-of-age of the Bahamian islands. This book weaves together the past and present, revealing the origins of Bahamian culture and the modern Bahamian way of life. This is a book addressed to anyone interested in the history and birth of a modern nation sometimes a long and arduous journey. Most importantly, this book should be read by all Bahamians to understand the way in which they lived in the past and the struggles and triumphs undertaken to become the land they know today. Donald M. McCartney uses his eloquent voice to introduce the readers to his homelands rich past, in hopes of preserving the culture for generations of Bahamians yet unborn. About the Author: An educator in the Bahamian education system for many years and now First Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service for the Bahamian Government, Donald M. McCartney is the recipient of many awards for service to his community and country, including the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourisms prestigious Cacique Award for his contribution to the development of human resources. Mr. McCartney holds a Teachers Certificate from Bahamas Teachers College, a B.A. (Speech Communication and Education) from the University of South Carolina, and a M.Sc.Ed. (Hons) from the University of Miami. At the present time, he is pursuing studies toward a Masters Degree in Public Administration at Georgia State University. He and his wife, Betty, currently live in Freeport, Grand Bahama. His two daughters, Donette and Dawn, are residents of Iowa and New Jersey, respectively. (2003, paperback, 62 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review