Back to the Futures

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Back to the Futures
by Richard A. Fell

The author, in a previous life, taught mathematics and science in high school. While studying commodity futures markets, he discovered that futures charts appear at first to show random and chaotic price movement, but on closer analysis reveal a very organized mathematical price structure. Price moves in predicable measured steps with advances and corrections rising and falling in remarkable geometric pattern. If you want to truly understand what is happening on a commodity futures chart, you need to appreciate this mathematical structure and the science underlying price moves. Simple mathematics defines the structure or roadway that price travels on the chart, with the science of momentum providing the energy for the price move. With the mathematical and scientific approach, the trading signal actually causes the price move, giving us a more reliable system for trading than classic technical analysis. If you are currently risking money in the futures markets or will be in the future, you owe it to yourself to explore this very different approach to trading.

(2017, Paperback, 212 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review