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Back In The Day

By: Steve Heuton

About the Book

We all shook hands and watched as Andy bent down and ran for the chopper. He jumped on, turned to us, and flashed the peace sign as it lifted off. We watched for a second from the jeep. Then Ed started the engine and we headed back. Suddenly, we heard a loud explosion. I jumped from the jeep and looked back as we slid to a stop, watching in horror as the chopper, engulfed in flames, plummeted to the ground.


Back In The Day by Steve Heuton transports you to the late 1960s to experience life as it actually was “back in the day.” Steve’s powerful descriptions of the life of Jimmy Reno are founded partially in the experiences had by himself and loved ones who scarified for our country during Viet Nam.


We come to know Jimmy during the innocence of high school and we fall in love with him as he meets Angela for the first time. But, he too must deal with the reality of the impending draft. Living through the intense emotions caused by the perils of war forces Jimmy to grow up too fast. Run-ins with the law and bar fights aren’t the only things weighing Jimmy down. Will he be able to prevail and come to grips with these inner demons threatening to annihilate all that he loves?



About the Author

About the Author

Steve Heuton is a retired plumbing, heating and electrical contractor from Kimballton, Iowa. He served in Viet Nam with the US Army in 1970 and continues to provide his service as the Commander for the local Amvets Post 51. If you can’t find him tending to his farm, you may find him restoring his classic muscle cars or drag racing his 1968 Pontiac Firebird. He enjoys traveling and hunting with family and friends throughout the Midwest and takes regular fishing trips to Canada.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review