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By: SFC JW Dole Ret.


About the Book

Somewhere near the Arctic Circle a young Special Forces soldier works at passing his Arctic Survival course, but fate has a different idea. A nine hundred-pound, man killing brown bear, attacks him with the intent of eating another human, something the bear has developed a taste for. Through luck, skill and tenacity Jake Snow manages to kill the bear; but is terribly injured in the process. His shooting arm no longer has the strength to use the Sniper rifle he used to be so good with.

Agreeing to travel back to Alaska the following summer with the daughter of one of the men that had rescued him, Jake falls in love for the first time in his life. On the way home, they are hijacked on the coastal ferry. Again, he feels it is luck but later realizes that it is God's will and he comes out of it alive, although his days as a Special Operations Soldier are now limited. He has been a winner too many times in a fashion much too publicized.

He is re-assigned to a small Fort in southern Arizona. Many forces are at work in his life and some he knows about but most he does not. Jake’s girlfriend is going to school in Phoenix and after a serious blowup, because he is not a Christian and seemingly doesn’t want to be one, he starts attending the small base chapel in desperation, of which the Chaplin is a double amputee. Realizing that maybe he doesn’t have it so tough after all, he starts working with a renewed sense of purpose and tries to understand the Bible.

The evening he finally understands the plan of salvation and accepts Christ, is the same night that his girl is kidnapped by a sick psychopath that is bent on murder and revenge. So, will he ever see her again? Few times in life does it turn out right and they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Maybe in the movies, but rarely in in real life.


About the Author

SFC JW Dole retired after nearly twenty three years in the Army, in active duty and reserve forces. Ten years leading Special Ops teams, training units who are sent all over the world, has led to the realization that there is no box to think outside of. What one side thinks as lines and limits, has no meaning to the ones they fight, so soldiers have to be flexible and realize that like one of "Murphy's Rules" states; 'No plan survives contact, intact'.

He likes to shoot his rifles and do small projects with his hands, mostly out of wood. .22 rifles are his favorites, with his muzzleloader a close second.

He and his wife of over fifty years enjoy family get-togethers with their two daughters and their families. Because they are Christians, church is an important part of their lives.


(2021, Paperback, 288 Pages)


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