Ashta: The Land of Steam - eBook

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Ashta: The Land of Steam

By: AJ Coffey


About the Book

Alexander, an ancient and transformed human, more closely resembling a dragon, has one mission: to save the world from the corruption of the black steam. With his friends Amber, Rosaline, Liz, and others along the way, Alexander’s quest at hand becomes a little less lonely and all the more thrilling. AJ Coffey brings to life a whole new world with rich characters and an adventure of legendary proportions. Written to invite readers into a new vision of the steam punk genre, Ashta is complete with descriptive landscapes, insightful and humorous characters, and a journey into harnessing the powers of steam.


About the Author

AJ Coffey has always wanted to write novels. He loves steam punk and fantasy and has now created a novel that encompasses his passions.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review