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Apples of Paradise

By: David Gardner


About the Book

War. The most horrible word in the twenty-first century, bringing devastation, brutality, and murder. With hostile sides destroying everything in their path, oblivious to one another’s truths, is it possible to wake compassion and draw upon the constant feelings of love and friendship to build a bridge of peace?

Apples of Paradise is a story about an unusual, forbidden love, self-discovery, and outdated traditions, set before the backdrop of a war that splits everything.


About the Author

David Gardner is a Georgian-born author, actor, and stage director. He graduated from Georgian State University with a degree in film and theater, soon after securing a job working as a director as Akhmeteli Municipal Theatre. Over the years, he has directed some Oscar Wilde and William Saroyan plays, as well as plays written by Georgian playwrights. Two of his original plays were staged at Akhmeteli Municipal Theatre and had good financial success.

Gardner serves as an acting coach for children and youth. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and cooking, and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review