Apex Project

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Apex Project
by A.J. Donadia

Which animal is the most powerful predator of all? Is the lion, grizzly bear, or killer whale at the top of the global food chain? Friends and colleagues, Peter Brennan and Rodger Spits, are wildlife specialists who were studying a pride of lions when they stumbled upon Benedict, a conservationist who was seeking to capture the most dangerous of the apex predatorsthe wolf, the anaconda, the saltwater crocodile, and the great white shark. Benedicts company, Geo-Tech Industries, had a goal to transfer these powerful killers into a recreation of their habitats, where they could be protected from the effects of industrialization, such as the poaching of their prey and encroachment into their habitats.

Will Peter and Rodger be able to help Benedict capture and transfer these dangerous animals before they cause too much destruction? And once they are transferred, how will they be sustained?

(2011, paperback, 274)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review