An Unusual Nest of Stories

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An Unusual Nest of Stories
by Mary Hanninger

Geared for children, An Unusual Nest of Stories is a delightful collection of illustrated short-stories, poems, and alphabetical collections. These entertain and educate dealing with the emotions a child might encounter.

A special section also spends time in the magical period of the Halloween season a favorite holiday for all children.

About the Author

A native of Canton, Ohio, Mary Margaret Hanninger is a self-employed hairdresser. She is married with two children, Sarah and Rachel, who no doubt inspired pieces of An Unusual Nest of Stories. 25 years prior to this publication Mary helped her daughter write a school project. She has been writing ever since then. An Unusual Nest of Stories has been published in pieces now on three occasions.

In addition to writing for young children, Mary also enjoys gardening and drawing. Her favorite place to visit is Walt Disney World.

(2013, Paperback, 58 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review