An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride

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An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride
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An Exodus from Obesity: Enjoying the Ride
by Marsha Miller

Are you beaten by obesity? No. there is always hope, no matter how long youve suffered from it. No matter what damage has occurred. We have the God-given right to improve our lot in life.

Having battled lifetime obesity, Marsha Miller lost approximately 100 pounds, beginning during middle age, by finally following a sensible path. It took eleven years to change from living at morbidly obese levels with health concerns, to living at a reasonable weight and in the best physical condition of her life. Knowing that she was constantly improving her body, rather than dieting, erased all excuses to alter her direction.

Obesitys oppression not only robs us of physical enjoyment, but steals our inner peace. Discovering peace within a healthy lifestyle is liberating! Many of the obese are simply Slow Losers/Fast Gainers who are frustrated by societys imposed expectations for quick weight-loss results. This book shows that learning to make peace within an overall wellness process (enjoying the ride) fortifies confidence in our sense of self, improves general health at everyones starting level, and makes healthier weight management possible for everyone.

Marshas first fifty-five years may have been spent within the slavery of obesity, but the second fifty-five years? She plans on remaining liberated.

About the Author

Born in 1950 and raised in a Christian home in a blue-collar community of Houston, Texas, Marsha enjoyed writing locally published news articles from an early age. She reported supportive news and wrote informational articles in church, public school, and local newspaper publications, beginning in her teenage years, until her retirement as educational support staffer in 2010. A student of several higher learning institutions, Marsha had ambiguous career plans and left college to begin working and making her own home.

Marsha adamantly believes in diligently seeking best solutions in adverse circumstances and to continue to celebrate blessings in a world full of positive opportunities. This aided her in an extensively long and determined weight-loss effort, which produced improved health and many delicious recipes and cooking techniques designed to encourage healthier attitudes about food.

(2014, Paperback, 110 pages)