An End to a Means

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An End to a Means

By: Klyde Rose


About the Book

An End to a Means is author Klyde Rose’s poetic journey through two years of discovering love and heartbreak after the end of a toxic marriage. Although we all can expect to experience love and loss throughout our lives, we must always remain hopeful for a better day. Never give up on Love, no matter how much it hurts.


About the Author

Klyde Rose wishes he could help humans alike live healthier, more loving, and full lives. He lives his life with thought power, healing via love, self-awareness, forgiveness, and thoughtfulness. “Keep evolving. Keep trying,” Klyde says. “Stay vigilant. Challenge yourself to be your best. And love each other.”        


(2020, Paperback, 62 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review