An Adventure to Remember - eBook

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An Adventure to Remember

by J.M.


Just when loving couple Abimelec and Iris are about to get their happy ending, a terrible incident leaves them marooned on an island. What might be a romantic adventure is challenged by in-laws, cheating exes, and backstabbing friends, who are all stranded there with them.

                  Who knows what else awaits this couple and the others on this unknown island? If this is a test of love, how will they fare? Read on to follow this journey with our adventuring couple from the first book.


About the Author

Author J.M. is just trying to make their dreams come true one at a time, going for what they love to do. On a new adventure in their own life, J.M. is determined to keep moving forward and keep writing despite the uncertainty and newness of it all. Above all else, J.M. is trying to keep going in these unprecedented times and will keep fighting to do what they love.


(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review