An Abandoned Temple and Other Stories

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An Abandoned Temple and Other Stories
by Vladimir Sukhov

The Abandoned Temple and Other Stories explores the lives of several characters in the midst of deep emotional suffering. An old man faces living the end of his days as a vagabond without his lost love; a young woman longs for the promise of love on her deathbed. Through this poetic journey, the author portrays the role love and anguish have played in each of their journeys, following the characters to where their paths may eventually lead them: eternal heartache, redemption, or perhaps acceptance of their fate. What choices will they encounter, and which paths will they choose?

About the Author

Vladimir Sukhov was prompted to write this book because of his long interest in the life of Leo Tolstoy. Driven by his strong interest in psychology, he has studied the lives of George Washington and Tolstoy and was struck by the similarities of their stories, leading him to pursue a creative examination of human anguish. His other interests include archeology, hunting, fishing, and swimming. Vladimir has three children: Andrey, Yeva, and Austin. This is his first book.

(2008, paperback, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review