Alabaster Box

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Alabaster Box
by Renee Collins

Life is beautiful. There is love, laughter, and an array of surprises. But life is also tough. There is hurt and loss, trouble, and disappointment. How will you react when facing such negative situations?

Renee Collins puts the answer straight in her poem Time Heals All Wounds: My center focusto heal, to define who I am and to never compromise that again. She adds in Me: The opinion of others is no indication that you are in need of self-examination/Be who you are, with God in the mist/Know that the others are on His list.

These very short but inspiring poems are just part of the collection of poetry by Collins in Alabaster Box. Her innermost thought and feelings are vividly described in each verse that moves us to see the positive side in every sorrow and pain. In everyday life, God will always show us the way to true happiness and fulfillment.

About the Author

Published author Renee Collins is a wife, mother, and professional. Her proudest accomplishment, however, is being a survivor of extreme trials and tribulations.

She is the eldest of two siblings, all born to a prayer warrior mother and a father taken too soon. Her mother remarried and continues to be the guiding light of the family.

Renee enjoys helping others, which inspired her decision to publish her personal accounts of how she became triumphant against the tests of lifes journey.

A very private person by nature, her renewed happiness granted her the confidence to share her innermost thoughts in an effort to encourage the lifeless souls of despair. Through a lifetime of experiences and those of which she holds closest, she realized that it is better to share your grief than to take it to the grave. For there, you cant help anyone.

(2014, Hardcover, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review