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Aging My Way

By: Daniel Corso

About the Book

Although advancements in healthcare have gifted many seniors increased longevity in satisfactory wellbeing, the quality of this extra time – the degree and consistency of our contentment – is often determined by our choices. To exploit this golden opportunity, we must use our wisdom and maintain a hopeful outlook.  

Author Daniel Corso discloses his tips to enjoy an enriched, meaningful life in the final innings, guidelines that have produced exceptional results for him. Now thriving in his mid-seventies, he uses relatable life experiences to develop and advance an all-inclusive recipe. His everyday practices – engage life head on, stay fit, reconcile the past and prepare for Eternal Life – are founded on balance, selflessness and remaining productive on Earth while striving for bliss after death. As he reveals the secret to his success, he provides advice on the sometimes difficult shift into retirement and the value of relationships. In addition, he shares the spiritual moment that redefined his purpose in life and inspired him to write Aging My Way: Reaching for Bliss and two connected novels next in line for publication.

For anyone seeking to improve their quality of life in the final phase, his testimony and hard-won strategies are a must-read.  


About the Author

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Daniel served as an officer in the United States Army before cofounding and becoming the CEO of a successful engineering firm in Virginia. When he retired from engineering, he ventured into real estate while pursuing his passion for writing and publishing his first book Phase II, a suspense novel on terrorism. He and his wife have two daughters and eight grandchildren.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review