Advanced Caregiving Training Manual: A Complete Guide Covering All Levels of Elderly Care

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Advanced Caregiving Manual: A Complete Guide Covering All Levels of Elderly Care

By: Barb J. Garrod


About the Book

Written as a training manual for those who care for others, this book contains many sections to make you to the best possible caregiver. There are ready reference pages as well as some to use to help compile custom client charts. Garrod supplies information on medical abbreviations, chronic conditions, and overall tips she’s gathered along her career path. She enjoyed providing seniors with the best possible care, and this book allows her to educate others.


About the Author

Barb J. Garrod has spent a lifetime caring for the elderly. Over the years, she acquired her California licenses, working for doctors, rehabilitation and nursing facilities, and homecare agencies. She found private homecare offered her the best money, but also the opportunity to do her very best for her clients. In time, she designed and taught classes on being a caregiver—either to family members or as a profession.

Garrod lives in California. This is her first published book.


(2020, Paperback, 208 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review