Accidental Accidents - eBook

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Accidental Accidents - eBook

Accidental Accidents

By: Gary E. Gardner


About the Book

Warren Maypoole is comfortable in his life as a computer analyst for the CIA, that is until he is recruited for field assignments despite being untrained and untried. His mission is to create perfect fatal accidents for certain individuals, accidents which in no way can be traced back to the government.

In Accidental Accidents, Maypoole uses his expertise in creating games, his unique mind, and view of any situation to complete his missions, much to the astonishment of his boss, colleagues, and his beautiful handler.


About the Author

Gary E. Gardner is involved in many nonprofit organizations. He is an avid reader, and musician. He has traveled extensively throughout his life. He now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Virginia.


(2020, eBook)