A Vermont Idyll

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A Vermont Idyll

By: Laurence Grey

About the Book

A Vermont Idyll is a collection of memoirs of a rather unfeeling, coldhearted professor who, for many years, leads what he considers to be a charmed life. He is successful, reasonably happy, and totally unconcerned with the feelings of others. Even a series of misfortunes can hardly dent his feeling of invulnerability. But then he undergoes a revolutionary transformation of his entire being when he encounters the one great, and seemingly hopeless, love of his life—at the age of eighty-four!

This unusual tale of torment and love is also in an extremely unusual memoir, which even makes use of a short two-act play to vividly portray the emotional undercurrents at work, as the secrets of a terrible past are revealed and a pledge ushers in a new life.

There is, however, more to this story than meets the eye as the reader, confronted with a surprising revelation in the epilogue, will finally discover.

About the Author

Laurence Grey is an Emeritus Professor at a major university who lives part of the year in Pennsylvania and the other part in Vermont.


(2018, Paperback, 162 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review