A Trek through Nepal

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A Trek through Nepal
by Max Nadiero

In A Trek through Nepal, Max Nadiero captures the essence of a mid-life adventure to the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.

He fills our senses with the colorful descriptions of his fellow travelers, the sherpa guides, and the porters who are hired for a pittance to carry their luggage through jungles, over treacherous mountains, and across raging rivers. His fellow trekkers come from diverse walks of life and are here for various reasons, but most wishing to prove their capabilities and their spirit of adventure.

While rather out of shape when he initially begins this journey, he pushes on and becomes increasingly stronger and fitter as the trek progresses. He feels a sense of accomplishment as he moves from dead last in the ranks to the fourth place spot.

In the end, there is pride from trying something outside his comfort zone that tested his mettle, his resolve, and his human strength, pushing him to his limits. These are memories he can cherish the rest of his life.

(2012, paperback, 58 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review