A Tale of a Broken Heart - eBook

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A Tale of a Broken Heart

By: Nicholas Vergara


About the Book

A Tale of a Broken Heart follows Jeff as he navigates the rocky waters of his relationship with two girls that he loves and why he falls in love with them. When one tells a lie to her parents, Jeff turns from being an outgoing guy into someone who no longer wants to go anywhere or do anything. He is made to feel as if he’s a bad guy and as a result no longer wants to let any other girl close. His life is turned upside down by one manipulative girl holding onto a relationship that never was and another by a best friend that could have been the relationship that he always wanted.

About the Author

Nicholas Vergara lives in Maryland and is one of four children. He enjoys playing video games and reading. He never hoped to dream that he would be an author. Vergara enjoys all of genres of music as well as helping others.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review