A Signature Moment with 'The Poetess': A Book of Poetic Expressions

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A Signature Moment with 'The Poetess': A Book of Poetic Expressions
by The Poetess The poet, or in this case the poetess, is gifted with the ability to see more deeply than others, to discern that vein of fantasy and beauty that runs through our lives and to underline it and express it so that others may also share in her joy. The Poetess does just that in this sparkling collection of musings and insights, she shares her life with us and lets us into the sanctum of her innermost feelings and desires. The raw emotion of some of her thoughts, with their underlying tinge of raging passion and sensuality, is tempered by her deeply felt religious conviction and her joy in the Lord. This is a woman who lives life to the full and shares that full life with us all. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The Poetess, a native of Delaware, is on the board of directors for CTAC. She is also a member of OBI (Ominia Bona Inc.). She is married to Levi and they have five children: Stacey, Tamar, Isaiah, Qwyennetta, and Solace. The Poetess enjoys poetry and is an organizer for community activities. (2008, paperback, 108 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review