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A Seed of Change

By: Melinda JD Hall

About the Book

A Seed of Change reminds us that in a world that is often poisoned by war and sadness, it is up to us to spread our seeds. We can learn to end the “me” and be the “we.”


About the Author

Melinda JD Hall and her husband of over two decades have raised many children. She has adopted a philosophy that all children are our children to reinvent the “village” concept of family and community.

Melinda’s husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Angiosarcoma in 2017. His diagnosis is terminal as there is currently no cure. The Halls encourage donations to Angiosarcoma Awareness, Inc at

Art and writing are Melinda’s personal release valve and income. Her art is available via Uriel’s Uniquities on Facebook and Etsy. Look for more seeds to come!


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review