A Second Chance at Life

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A Second Chance at Life
by Penny Heggie Austin

A Second Chance at Life is a novel about love, God, and the importance of community. Hank Norton happens to meet Anna, an expecting single mother, and saves her life, as well as that of her daughter, Katleyn. Hank instantly falls in love with Anna, who has reservations about Hanks eagerness and benevolence. They overcome various obstacles, ultimately relying on God to help them start a new life together.

While Hank opens a new hospital for Hidden Valley with Annas help, they form close friendships and showcase the power of community. Despite insidious plots to endanger Katleyns future and the future of their new family, Hank and Anna, along with friends and family, work together to save the day, and preserve happiness in Hidden Valley.

This charming romance takes the reader on a charming and whimsical journey where love conquers all.

About the Author:

Penny Heggie Austin, who loves to write poetry and novels, lives in Fort Meade, a small town in central Florida. She has four living children, two stepchildren, sixteen grandchildren, and thirty-four great-grandchildren. She was born here, on her grandfathers farm. Having married her first husband and raised five children in Illinois, she returned to Florida in 1985 to help her brother, who had cancer.

Austin is very active in her church and loves her church family. She thanks God for her wonderful life with her second husband, who passed away in 2009. They traveled around the country to lease properties for communication towers. During that time, they met many people and attended many different churches. Despite major tragedies, like losing her youngest son earlier this year, she remains faithful to God.

She hopes readers will enjoy A Second Chance at Life as much as she enjoyed writing it.

(2016, Paperback, 134 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review