A River of Tears

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A River of Tears
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A River of Tears
by Tina Marie Labib-Sinawa

A River of Tears is an account of the life story of Tina Marie Labib-Sinawa. From a young age Tina faced many challenges. A River of Tears catalogues her day-to-day difficulties, as well as those less expected, such as death and troubled relationships.

Through it all, Tina has persevered. A River of Tears is a testimony of her courage and undying sense of hope. Though tragic, Tina is not alone in suffering. Many who encounter similar challenges may be inspired by Tinas story.

About the Author:

Tina Marie Labib-Sinawa was brought up in a poor family. She suffered a traumatic head injury at 12 and was put on disability from a young age.

Always a gifted story-teller, Tina has put pen to paper with A River of Tears. This is her first novel and is based on her lifes true story. She hopes readers will feel a sense of understanding and hope as they read through her reflections on life.

(2015, Paperback, 80 pages)