A Raccoon in Sheep's Clothing

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A Raccoon in Sheeps Clothing
by Donna Bisschop

For years, Insurance Agent Harrison has sat behind the desk comfortably believing that success in life is best summed up by the phrase How much? Yet, who could blame Harrison, when centuries of human living have never shown the agent even a moment of howor why there is a reasonto divert from such path. Mother Earth floats in space awash in the flotsam of human trash and neglect. Like any mother would do, she gathers her wits and forces to correct the imbalance long accumulated on her body. Enter the Shaman, the Raccoon, the magical beings of the underworld, and the Red Fire Dragon to bring sense to what is left of humanity after a corrective and regenerative act from Mother Earth.

In A Raccoon in Sheeps Clothing, Donna Bisschop reminds us as humanity how much magic, how much freedom has fallen on the wayside from unmindful and ignorant living.

Best of all, the Shaman will ensure that The veil must be lifted from the eyes of humanity. The view of parallel universes uncovered and exposed as reality.

About the Author

Donna Bisschop is a mother of four and resides in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. Aside from writing, she is a painter, leatherworker and planter of seeds.

(2011, paperback, 198 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review