A Prelude to Soul Stone: An Introduction to the World of Adias

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by Matthew S. Phillips A Prelude to Soul Stone serves as a gateway into the magical world of Adias, the land that will be featured in Matthew S. Phillipss multi-part fantasy series. This collection is comprised of several short stories that provide a glimpse into this world. Many of the characters, events, and concepts introduced will play a major role, or be touched on, in the later books. Phillips has also included extensive appendices, which offer an introduction to the many creatures, races, places, events, and concepts. This richly detailed background will enhance the reading of Phillipss subsequent works; however, the powerful tales of A Prelude to Soul Stone also stand well on their own. Immerse yourself in a world of magic, Elves, Vampires, Dragons, Unicorns, and Werewolves as you read each gripping page of this enticing fantasy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A lifelong California resident, Matthew S. Phillips currently resides in Southern California. After graduating from Burroughs High School in 2000, he completed a correspondence course in writing short fiction from the Longridge Writers Group. In addition to writing, he loves music, outdoor activities, and playing computer games. (2008, paperback, 90 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review