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A Place in Time

By: Cynthia R. Hobson

About the Book

The twists and turns in A Place in Time are strung together by an unsolved crime, romance and divine providence. It unfolds against a background of significant African American historical events in Chicago, Illinois, and Sacramento, California.

                Twenty-four-year-old Gloria Rene’ Johnson, a grade school teacher, shares a home with her witty mother, Dorothy. Gloria becomes involved in a relationship with Detective Matthew Samuels – forcing her to face personal, unresolved issues.

                Twenty-two-year-old Rachael Anne Owens, a college student, lives with her family. She’s politically active and volunteers to work with kids at her church. Like most young people, she’s focused on the here and now.

                Rachael meets Gloria the weekend before Thanksgiving. When the two women’s paths cross unexpectedly, strange thing begin to happen. Rachael must rely on Gloria and her friends to help her out of a dilemma. Rachael’s dilemma becomes challenging and mysterious. There is a deep spiritual connection binding Rachael and Gloria together—deeper than either of them suspect. An underlying theme of this story is miracles can happen and love never dies.


About the Author

Cynthia R. Hobson is a writer and artist who was born in Chicago and lived most of her growing up years on the south side. Cynthia and her husband, Lawrence, moved to Sacramento, California, in 1965 where they raised their three sons in the Oak Park neighborhood.

                Cynthia’s published works include a novel, Little Gray Hoodie Coat, and short stories, “The White Dress”, “Love is Kin to Sadness” and “50 Years Is Not Enough”. Her artwork has been displayed at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, SMUD Art Gallery and various other events and venues.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review