A Philosophical Guide for Humanity Z: The Collective Works of a So-Called MAD Man

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by Ray George This down-to-earth A-to-Z guide to life is like no other youve ever seen. This covers everything from being thankful to being careful to being aware. But the sardonic tone of the guide gives readers the assurance the advice is coming from a real MAD Man. A Philosophical Guide for Humanity Z is not ashamed to leave out any subjects including evolution, danger, virginity, sex, war, and even the all-familiar toilet. Please, heed Ray Georges advice. Youll be glad you did. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A resident of Winchester, Virginia, Ray George lives with his wife, Linda, and together they have two daughters: Melinda and Sally. Ray is a construction worker and enjoys woodcarving and camping. (2008, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review