A Myth Among Us

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A Myth Among Us
by Adam McRoy

At a young age, Atlas Westinghouse experiences a revelation that he thinks will change the world. Suddenly, his religious beliefs transform away from Christianity... Ancient memorabilia and inspiration from the esteemed, pagan god Zeus, leads him to construct a community known as Mount Olympus to heal the elderly and frail. A woman in her 80s, Serena, struggles in the final stages of an incurable Parkinsons diseaseuntil she becomes Atlas first success story and greatest disciple. Just as he begins to accomplish another goal, influencing people for a new religion, he collides with disturbing catastrophesGuns firing. Threats to shut down Mount Olympus.

Determined to dominate Americas direction politically and religiously, Harold Joe Hickory has amassed a billion dollar organization committed to the spread of a particular sect of Christianity. Having had his own revelation years back, Harold uses the power of his vastly syndicated radio program to launch a vicious attack on Atlas beliefs and growing popularity to prove him a false prophet. God will praise him for it. Meanwhile, Harolds closest advisers are active in deception and political subterfuge, working to elevate his status evermore.

With nowhere to turn for help and with others he loves in danger, Atlas enters the cave where his revelation from Zeus emanated from many years ago.

About the Author:

Though it may sound clich, Adam McRoy grew up in small-town America in Flagstaff, Arizona. Often the author still returns there on vacation to visit family and bathe in the picturesque surroundings.

After leaving the Navy in 2002, he got married and moved to California to begin college. With a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and a minor in history, he has actively tried to expand his career in the health profession while writing books on the side.

As the Activity Directory at a senior living community, Adam has seen the human story play out. Interacting with seniors warmed his soul and further inspired his literary work. In 2010, he studied Early Western Religious History, which has assisted in this, his third book, A Myth Among Us.

(2016, Paperback, 486 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review