A Mother's Journey of Love, Death, and Forgiveness - eBook

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A Mother’s Journey of Love, Death, and Forgiveness

By: Jackie Loret de Mola


About the Book

Jackie Loret de Mola’s life was changed forever on September 22, 2017 when her thirty-three-year-old son Frank’s car was hit from behind at a stop in traffic and he later succumbed to his injuries. This book is a collection of her day-to-day journal entries and social media posts that provide an intimate glimpse into the pain and disbelief she felt in the days and weeks that followed. Her raw emotions and thoughts and her forgiveness of the driver are an inspiring testament to the power of faith and love.

Above all, A Mother’s Journey of Love, Death, and Forgiveness conveys the love that a mother has for her child. Frank Loret de Mola’s life blessed everyone around him, and as an organ donor, he blessed four very sick people. She hopes her book will inspire readers to consider organ donation and to consider the brevity of life and the importance of loving our families.


About the Author

When Jackie Loret de Mola was twelve years old she told her priest she would start a folk group to sing at Sunday Masses. Although she was lying, her parents bought her and her brother twenty-five-dollar guitars. In one week they taught themselves five songs by ear, and so began their years of music ministry. For the past fifty-one years she has been singing and playing the guitar for Catholic churches and retreat programs

She loves spending time with her husband, Henry, and her sons, Nicolas; Alex and his wife Allie; David; and grandchildren Jacob and Emma. She has many friends across the country because of years living in California and New Hampshire and other places in between. She is thankful for the opportunity to share her son’s story and for the love that continues to grow because of him.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review