A McSpooky Halloween

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A McSpooky Halloween
by Chris Roberts Halloween is the one day of the year that Marvin McSpooky looks forward to the most. Because he is a monster, Halloween is the only day that he does not have to hide his monstrous appearance from the public. After just moving to the town of Mildville, Marvin asks his parents if he can trick or treat alone for the first time. They reluctantly let him go by himself, not knowing that a huge, unpredictable storm will sweep the town, causing chaos and a mix-up of monstrous proportions! Marvin embarks on a thrilling adventure that ultimately leads him to an unlikely friendship. A McSpooky Halloween is a funny, lighthearted story that proves the lesson that no one should be judged by their appearance. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of West Virginia, Chris Roberts earned a bachelors degree in English Education from Fairmont State University in 1997. He is currently a teacher at Hundred High School, and is a member of the West Virginia Education Association. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting autographs and visiting professional baseball parks. (2006, paperback, 70 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review