A Lonesome Village Near a Dark Mysterious-Looking Forest

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by Roberta J. Caughman In this charming tale of a group of children who wander into the woods, Roberta J. Caughman emphasizes the importance of love and trust. While away from their home in the village, the little ones make new friends and ultimately help their parents to find a better way of life. Using traditional fairy tale elements, A Lonesome Village Near a Dark, Mysterious-Looking Forest focuses on charming characters whose experiences illustrate how a feeling, or even a person, once lost can be found. About the Author: A native of Jenkinsville, South Carolina, Roberta J. Caughman takes her inspiration from her rural upbringing. As a teenager she moved with her family to Columbia where she later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Benedict College. Following graduate studies at the University of South Carolina, Caughman taught elementary school for thirty years in Columbia, where she still resides. Now retired, Caughman and her husband Benjamin have two grown sons. In addition to writing, she enjoys fishing and cooking. (2002, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review