A Life Worth Living

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A Life Worth Living

By Patricia Jenkins Burns

“I found the poems exquisitely phrased and very moving. If people who commit suicide only knew what pain they cause. Pat has a rare gift, and it was a privilege to read her poems.”
- Teruko Craig
Senior Lecturer Emerita, Tufts University

“This is a moving and beautiful collection of tributes, written with great honesty, self-awareness, and profound sadness, tempered after a while with triumph. While I don’t normally read poetry, I couldn’t put this down without finishing it, as it was so engaging and moving.”
- Daniel Sharp
Former CEO, Professor, Deputy Attorney-General, California

“A sensitive and personal memoir expressed in poetic cadences that ebb and flow with the author’s thoughts. The poet builds her life based on work and relationships, remembering but rising beyond early tragedy.” 
- Joan Macy Kaskell
American Art Historian & Educator

(2021, Paperback, 44 Pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review